2018 eCatalog of Auction Items and eBidding!

ONLINE eBidding via ReadySetAuction

  • About the beginning of October, online bidding will be available on Silent & Live auction pieces via our ReadySetAuction site.

  • The link to our ReadySetAuction site will be provided here once the eCatalog and eBidding site is live.

  • At that point, you’ll be able to register to bid through ReadySetAuction simply by signing up and creating a username/password.

  • Silent auction bidding will be online (except for the AmFund trips, see below), and you’ll be able to bid on your mobile device at the event as well.

  • We’ll have staff onsite at the event to assist you with registering to bid (if you haven’t already) and bidding.

  • Online pre-bidding for Live Auction pieces closes at 5 PM on Friday, Oct. 26. Bidding on Live items the evening of the event is either in-person, absentee, or by telephone. To arrange absentee or telephone bidding, please contact Lindsey Lambert, NCPC executive director, at 336-873-8430 by 5 PM on Friday, Oct. 26.

Want to get a sneak preview of our Auction Items? By gala time, we'll have approximately 18 Live items and 35 Silent items!

  • We'll be adding image of Auction Items to our Facebook page (link above) until the eCatalog and eBidding site is live around the beginning of October.

Eight wonderful bucket list trips sponsored by AmFund!

  • About AmFund - AmFund is a nonprofit organization which helps other nonprofits raise funds to support their worthy causes.

  • This year, AmFund is sponsoring 8 wonderful bucket list trips to help support the center's 20th Anniversary Celebration.

  • Silent auction the evening of the event only. There will be no eBidding on the trips.

  • An AmFund Representative will be at the Gala on 10/27 to provide full details and assist with your Silent Auction bidding on the trips.

Thank you for your support! As the nonprofit Sharing North Carolina's Clay Stories, Past and Present!, we appreciate it.