2017 Gala Auction Items!

BIDDING on Silent AND Live auction pieces via Leland Little's website (www.lelandlittle.com) has begun!

You'll be able to register to bid through Leland Little's website by either: 1) Clicking on the small person icon that's visible and then selecting "Create Account," or 2) Clicking on the "Sign in to Bid" button for any auction item, then selecting "Create Account."

Silent auction bidding will be online only and will occur until the silent auction closes.

You can bid online for Live auction items up until the Live auction starts, then bidding is either in-person, absentee, or by telephone.  Telephone bidding can be arranged through Leland Little's website once you are signed in to bid.  Click "bid now" and then select "Placing a Telephone Bid." The option to arrange a telephone bid closes one hour prior to the start of the Live auction.